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Wheel Bearing Grease

We feel proud to offer a reliable and affordable range of finest quality Wheel Bearing Grease and Sodium Grease. Manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards the products are fabricated using premium quality raw materials to ensure we deliver the best alternative. The products are highly efficient and are offered at very convenient prices.


  • Finest Quality
  • Top Grade Base Materials
  • Industrial Standards

Product Details:

Characteristics TL Wheel Bearing Grease
Structure Medium fibber smooth
Type of soap Soda
NLGI Grade -
Color Greenish Brown
Consistency of worked grease at 25oC -
60 Strokes 250 - 270
Difference between un worked and worked penetration at 25oC <10 units
Drop Point, oC > 180
Free Organic Acidity (as oleic acid), 0/0 by mass, max. 0.1
Free Alkalinity (as Li0H), % by mass, max 0.1
Copper strip corrosion @40oC for 24 hours Negative
Water Content, % Mass, Max 0.3