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Soluble Cutting Oil

Since foundation, we have been involved in manufacturing and providing a durable and economical range of Soluble Cutting Oil. They are blended with mineral oils, emulsifiers and selective additives to make them more efficient. The products are manufactured in accordance with the global standards.


  • Global Standards
  • Finest quality
  • Efficient

Product Details:

Characteristics TL Soluble Cutting Oil
Appearance Light brown clear fluid
Ash, % by mass 1.29
Copper strip corrosion test at 100o C for 3 hrs. la
Flash Point, in oC 160
Water, % by mass 2
Emulsion Test 5:1 & 20:1 ratio in water of 400 ppm hardness (as CaCo3) No oil, No cream
Frothing Test 5:1 & 20:1 ratio in 200 ppm hardness (as CaCO3) Passes
50:1 ratio with distilled water -
Cast Iron corrosion test -
20:1 ratio emulsion with 400 ppm hard water (as CaCO3) 0/0-0(No corrosion passes)
Thermal Stability Test Passes
K.V. cSt @ 40 oC 25 to 40