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Calcium Grease

We have been showcasing a commendable range of Calcium Grease. The products are highly acclaimed in the market for their premium quality and enhanced efficiency. The genuine range of raw materials is used in the manufacturing process to ensure we provide a durable and efficient range. We have been recognized as a brand constantly applauded for keeping high standards of quality in all our offerings.

Application: Lubrication of chassis of all types of automotive vehicles including commercial vehicles, tractors and other heavy equipment. Recommended for ball and roller bearing of wheels electrical equipment and water pumps operating at moderate temperature.


  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Premium Quality

Product Details:

No Characteristics Calcium Grease
1 Structure Smooth
2 Type of soap Calcium
3 NLGI Grade 3
4 Color Light
5 Consistency of worked grease at 25oC 60 Strokes 220 - 250
6 Difference between un worked and worked penetration at 25oC <10 units
7 Drop Point, oC > 90
8 Free Organic Acidity (as oleic acid), 0/0 by mass, max. 0.1
9 Free Alkalinity (as LiOH), % by mass, max 0.1
10 Copper strip corrosion @40oC for 24 hours Negative
11 Sulphated ash, %by mass, Max. 3.0